iTenure is a set of computer tools that allow the collection of data about land claims in Cambodia. It uses this data to automatically generate legal advice sheets that are personalized for each individual claim. The legal advice sheets describe the legal situation of the land claimed based on the type of land, years of occupation and available documentation. iTenure also creates a recording in plain language that states the same information, in order to help claimants understand their situation without having to have a knowledge of legal terminology in Khmer language.

The video details on the data collection process by using mobile data collection tool “iTenure” is available here:

iTenure's data collection and storage tools are based on Open Tenure, an open source software package that is part of FOSS SOLA, a suite of tools developed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO for recording and storing land-claim information. The project designs new tools for the generation of the legal advice sheets.

The video explains about how iTenure works is available here: